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We are a management consulting company of exceptional thinkers, strategists, digital innovators, developers and problem solvers. With thorough understanding of our client’s established context and market dynamics we connect with leading thinkers on the industries most unyielding challenges. Our sense of curiosity brings innovators, strategists, market disruptors, designers, and problem solvers together. We are always innovating.

We strive to sever and meet our our clients needs at every functional and technical level.  No matter the challenge, we emphasize on distributing real-world and lasting results, while building meaningful relationships with our clients.

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For media content of Montfichet visit our media center. Our team provides analysis and opinion on the most relevant business activities. Montfichet also provides investigation which recognizes industry concerns and trends.

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For more than 10 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving exceptional results for our clients.

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Our mission, “To provide a meaningful impact to our clients, in our community, and in the world”.

We are management consultants who guide clients to energize their creative, personalized communication, and put customers first while incorporating new digital technologies throughout their business. Our areas of focus are marketing transformation, salesforce transformation, predictive analytics and business intelligence… view all

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. We specialization is high tech, financial services, telecommunications, media, healthcare, life sciences, and retail… view all

Montfichet’s core values are the corner stone of our beliefs. It fuels and shapes our mission statement which states, “To provide a meaningful impact with our clients, in our community, and in the world”.  Our core value are integrity, self awareness, interest, fun, and exception… view all

Acts of kindness is the most powerful equalizer of our time, care, meaning, understanding, and above all, community. As a social enterprise, the more missions our acts of kindness supports, the more we’re able to invest back into people, creating an endless circle of goodwill. Reach out to us on our contact us form for ways to help… view all

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Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” To provide meaningful and lasting impact in the world of management consulting one must embrace self awareness. Montfichet’s core values are built on this idea which include integrity, self awareness, interest, fun, and exception.

Montfichet Expands It's reach to Southern California

Montfichet’s & Company expands consulting services to the greater Los Angeles area.

Montfichet & Company lands its first big client

Montfichet & Company lands its first big client and builds strong partnerships with offshore India based consulting companies.

Katherine joins the Montfichet team

Katherine joins the Montfichet team as a co-founder.

Montfichet's core idea "challenge oneself to be Better" was born.

Montfichet’s was birth on the idea that a trusted advisor can deeply make a lasting effect in their industry, with clients, and throughout the world. How, by challenging one’s self to be BETTER.

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